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price list

price list

Price list for safe deposit box rental

Prices for the rental period of 12 months.

The lockers can be insured individually as required.

Through our insurance, your locker is insured with 20t/€.

When setting up a trustee-managed locker, an additional processing fee is charged, for size 1-3 of 50 euros per day, for size 4-8 of 100 euros per day.

If necessary, we can offer you notarial assistance.

Repairs to/for rental lockers (incl. VAT)

Drilling out cupboard compartments, changing locks, making spare keys, repairing doors or installing new door panels  500 euro

Changing a lock and a key and making a key 200 euros

Making a key according to a sample 100 euros

Escrow Service:

If you wish, we can put you in touch with a security transport company for the transport of valuables.

We are open to your wishes, talk to us or give us a call.

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